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Last updated 8/21/2008 at Noon

The corporate headquarters of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC decided to ask the public to participate in an innovative online “Housetrology” quiz over the summer. The results that are coming in are interesting!

A representative from the company reports that the results suggest that homebuyers prefer security and cozy spaces over those with more special add-ons.

Quality reigns over square footage – to date, the survey has revealed that three out of every four people (78 percent) feel the quality of a home is more important than the square footage.

Feel is as important as price – 60 percent of the individuals who took the quiz admitted that the ‘feel’ of a home is just as important to them as the asking price. Twelve percent said they knew their house was “the one” even before they stepped inside it.

Family is important when the masses consider buying a new home. Fifty-eight percent agreed that their home is a place “to shelter and nurture my family.”

Fifty-one percent of those completing the quiz said they are attracted to a home that feels safe and secure, one where they see places they can “curl up” and relax. Thirteen percent said they favor a home that appears to be a refuge, where they can “get away from it all.”

Nineteen percent said they look at a home as “a place to escape from the pressures of daily life; 12 percent said they are happiest with a house that is “open to nature with great views; and six percent of the respondents said they like homes that feel “airy and light.”

“As a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience, and through my partnership with Coldwell Banker, I’ve seen how emotions can influence major life decisions such as finding a home,” said Dr. Ruth Peters. “And while validating our emotions and trusting instincts are important, it’s essential to look past emotional triggers like perfect white picket fences and consider practical factors as well to make the most informed decision for your family.”

“Lovely views and lots of light are nice to have,” said Dr. Peters, “but these results underscore that first and foremost, a house becomes a home when it feels comfortable and safe for the family that resides there. Now more than ever, consumers are probably more inclined to choose security over special add-ons like lofty views or an airy atmosphere.”

“Some people even experience ‘love at first sight’ when it comes to their homes, which means one cannot overstate the importance of a strong first impression,” Peters said. “And price isn’t all that matters – as opposed to investing and then hoping for an overnight return, consumers recognize that a home must have the right ‘feel’ for their everyday lifestyles.”

The results of the “What’s your house sign?” quiz, to date, are as follows when it comes to how the masses are categorized.

Urbanist (35 percent)

These folks say “no thanks” to minivans, puppies and the notion of 2.5 children. They prefer culture, chic décor and lofty views.

Contemporarian (34 percent)

A Contemporarian is likely to crave open, light-filled spaces, high ceilings and fabulous views of nature. They favor bringing the outside indoors by using natural materials in their décor.

Ranchero (16 percent)

The peaceful Ranchero desires peaceful spaces with access to the great outdoors. Whether they’re actually “home on the range” or in a more structured rural community, they consider their homes their sanctuaries.

Colonialista (11 percent)

These people spend time and effort securing timeless decorative pieces as opposed to giving in to the latest trend. Their dream home has a tendency to feature stately columns and solid brick structures.

Eclectic (three percent)

With distinct style and panache, Eclectics are masters of incorporating the best of all worlds, and they do it well.

Victorian (one percent)

Those who favor all things ornate, including, color, pattern and whimsical, old-fashioned details, are most likely to fall into this category.

To take the “Housetrology” quiz, go to http://www.coldwellbanker.com and click on “What’s your house sign?”

For more information on finding the perfect home, call the professionals at Coldwell Banker Landmark Group in Fallbrook at (760) 728-8000.


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