And they claim to be good neighbors?


Last updated 8/28/2008 at Noon

Granite Construction’s overcharging San Diego millions of dollars for Rancho Bernardo fire debris cleanup and then refusing to turn over original documents as requested is not surprising but is another shining example of their incompetence, arrogance and questionable business ethics.

And this coming after their August 15 $240,000 (yes, $240,000) agreement with Oregon’s DEQ for environmental damages which Granite caused from hillside slippages.

What they say and do often are quite different. Granite’s project manager for Rosemary’s Mountain Quarry, Gary Nolan, stated in a “Good Neighbor” meeting that they would not blast on overcast days… yet for the next two blasts it was either overcast or overcast and foggy.

When questioned, both Chris Kiser (Granite) and Mr. Nolan stated that the EIR does not prohibit dynamiting under these conditions. Hmm.

Keep tabs on Granite Construction. They are far from being good neighbors!

Nita Delnay


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