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Village News adds Village Voice, begins new publication

FALLBROOK- The Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce’s monthly “Village Voice” will now be featured content in a new Village News monthly business and lifestyle publication starting in October 2008 called “Village Lifestyle.” The Bonsall Chamber of Commerce news which has been published by the Village News since 2004 will also be featured in this new publication.

The composition of the new Village Lifestyle publication will include articles and features on the culture of local businesses and owners, as well as marketing, finance, agriculture, politics, local history, environmental issues, fashion, and home-based businesses. Publisher Julie Reeder said, “This is a magazine-style publication that will support and celebrate our unique community where business and lifestyle blend beautifully, whether you are a professional working from home, a grower, a retail owner, an artist, or an equestrian business. This is also a friendly format for educational or informational sponsored columns and features written by local professionals.”

Fallbrook Chamber President Bryan Perrin said he expects the enhanced exposure from 600-plus members to over 10,000 homes will bring an opportunity for improved communication between the Chamber of Commerce and the community as well more advertising value for Chamber members. There will be increased opportunity to take a unique look at the business aspect of the community, and understand the advantages and challenges that area business owners face. Included will be the latest in business news, as well as Sundowner coverage, messages from the Honorary Mayors and Chamber Presidents, notices, calendars and related features.

According to Reeder, the Village News is now offering advertising space in the Chamber portions of Village Lifestyle to Chamber members only, and will grow the sections accordingly as advertising grows.

Reeder said because of the “focused and unique content” featured in the publication, Village Lifestyle will also provide a desirable area for non-chamber advertisers to reach a “highly targeted and affluent readership, increasing value to advertisers and sales of related products or services.”

The Fallbrook Chamber will produce, print and deliver the last Village Voice in its current form in September and the Village News will feature their first Village Voice in Village Lifestyle on October 24 and every subsequent fourth Thursday of the month.

Village Lifestyle will be included in over 7,000 Village News newspapers delivered in Fallbrook, Bonsall, DeLuz, Rainbow, Vista Valley, and beyond. An additional 3,000 to 4,000 copies will be direct-mailed to Chamber members, home-based businesses, affluent households, and the Temecula Wine Country. It will also be distributed in over 100 Village News racks and distribution points.

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