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I recommend Leibham and Hamilton

Robert Green, you are absolutely right about the irony of Bush’s embarrassing comments concerning Russia and Georgia, after he lied and manipulated intelligence to get us to invade Iraq, something which is obvious to everyone except die hard neo-cons.

Mainstream media is too often accused of being left wing liberal leaning, so I think they are backing off this failure of a president and letting the obvious slide. The real way to get anyone’s attention is to reject the lock-step disciples of Bush, such as McBush, Palin, Issa, Bilbray and Hunter, and let’s see what happens when congressmen and senators don’t follow party lines for policy.

Obama has pledged that he is not looking for “yes men” in his cabinet, and I am confident a Democratic Congress will not follow him lockstep over the abyss. That is why I am recommending Leibham in the 50th and Hamilton in the 49th, both of whom are endorsed by veterans’ groups.

Jerry Sarnataro


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