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Pet grooming with a passion at Kim and Mindy's Paradise Pet Spa

Kim Nelson and Mindy Deremo, the owners of Kim and Mindy’s Paradise Pet Spa, provide the ultimate pampering for pets. From their exceptional grooming standards to new modern pooch styles and their trendy boutique, this duo has garnered much respect in the industry.

Knowing your groomer, they say, is the most important thing a pet owner can do.

“We both think it is very important to know who you are leaving one of your valued family members with,” said Deremo. “Your groomer is the second most important person in your dog’s life, besides you and your family.”

A top-notch groomer is more than just a stylist. He or she can read an animal’s mood and demeanor, knows a bit of training and is versed in pet health issues. And knowing all these areas is critical to the wellbeing of an animal.

“It’s really important to get background on your groomer,” explained Deremo, who has been a professional groomer for 10 years. At Paradise Pet Spa, they do whatever it takes to make their animal guests comfortable, safe and happy.

For Nelson and Deremo, their place of business means more to them than just a 9-to-5 job because animals are their passion. As far back as they can remember, it has always been that way.

As a young child living in the Los Angeles area, Deremo recalls how she and her sister brought home stray dogs and cats. “I would sleep outside with them sometimes because my mom wouldn’t let them in the house,” she said.

As Deremo matured, she started bathing neighborhood dogs, especially those that were neglected and not cared for properly. “I would also bring home injured animals, heal them and find them homes.”

Nelson, on the other hand, grew up on a farm in Utah until she was 7 years old. The farm was bountiful with dogs, cats, birds, fish and horses. “I was in heaven,” said Nelson.

One dog that Nelson was especially close to at the time was Ginger, a yellow Labrador. “I did everything with Ginger; she would even try to get on the school bus with me in the mornings,” Nelson said.

After moving to the city, and as Nelson grew older, she knew in her heart that whatever career she chose, it would somehow include animals. As a teenager, she said, she volunteered at a local veterinarian’s office.

When Nelson reached 18, she appeared at the doors of a local pet grooming shop. The owner agreed she would teach Nelson the trade. “She told me that I was a natural,” said Nelson, “and I had found what I wanted to do.”

Nelson eventually made her way to California, working in the mobile grooming industry in San Diego, and then began offering her talents to Fallbrook residents.

“I have been grooming in Fallbrook for almost seven years now and never want to leave,” said Nelson. “I love Fallbrook, and most of all, I love all of the dogs that I have become so close to.”

Deremo found her way to Fallbrook when she was 18 and landed a job at a local grooming shop, where Nelson was employed. Deremo received excellent training and hands-on experience.

“After seven years there, Kim and I started Paradise Pet Spa together,” explained Deremo. Having worked with many different groomers over the years, Deremo said she immediately recognized that she and Nelson made a perfect match.

“We both understand that a calm, gentle and relaxed atmosphere is key to a well-behaved, happily groomed dog,” said Deremo.

Deremo’s compassion for animals continues with her full-time involvement in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Both Deremo and Nelson have their own pets at home but consider their Paradise Pet Spa clients part of their four-legged extended family.

Kim and Mindy’s Paradise Pet Spa is located at 218 West Fig Street. To learn more about their services call (760) 723-2273 or visit

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