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Privatized profits, socialized risk

Reagan’s most feared words were, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” What happened to Republicans and the Conservative movement? It’s been taken over by greedy, unethical, self-serving, un-American and unpatriotic individuals claiming to be Republicans and Conservatives but really have very little to do with traditional conservatism.

Last week we saw the Bush administration put taxpayers on the hook for as much as $2 trillion to bail out Wall Street. Where is the money to bail out those families that are facing bankruptcy due to our scandalous healthcare system, or the failing infrastructure of our nation, or to address the ever-increasing national debt, or to support the commitment to Social Security and Medicare?

By pumping taxpayer dollars into Wall Street (most of which enriches the top one percent), the administration is diluting the American dollar and increasing the national debt, which puts a burden on all Americans.

There would have been a ripple effect that would reach all Americans if nothing was done, but can we at least learn a lesson from this mess? The deregulation of financial institutions combined with naked greed and unethical behavior has brought ruin to our country. It’s the fault of the economic policies of the “Republican” party, which McCain heartily supported until last week. Phil Gramm, the architect of the system that has now collapsed, was McCain’s principle financial advisor until his revealing comments about America’s “mental recession” and how we’re a “nation of whiners.”

Who’s whining now?

Jon Monday


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