Fallbrook food needs on the rise


Last updated 10/2/2008 at Noon

In a nation where food seems abundant, it seems that every child could be fed without any problem. Such is not the case.

At the Fallbrook Food Pantry, every week, some 450 to 500 families seek food assistance. The cost of food and the shortage of jobs have affected these families. Family income has dropped by 30 percent. The basic food staples of milk, bread and fresh produce are no longer being distributed. These are purchased and the cost is prohibitive.

Jean Dooley, a board member, reported to me that in July alone, food was issued to 2,629 adult clients and 2,580 children for a total of 5,209. For the year, 36,638 clients have been served. In July alone, some 719 emergency walk-ins knocked at the door. The need of seniors is also on the rise. In July, 258 senior commodities were served, 1,777 for the year.

As a community, more than any other time in our recent memory, we have seen a crisis due to food cost and an economic downturn. The present need for food and cash is a reality facing the Food Pantry. If you wish to assist, your goodwill and help are most welcome. It is located at 1042 South Mission. Its phone number is (760) 728-7608.

Rev. Dennis Ginoza

Fallbrook United Methodist


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