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Consequences increase for illegal skateboarding

In the past, Sheriff’s deputies in Fallbrook have primarily issued verbal warnings to individuals illegally skateboarding and loitering on commercial properties. That level of tolerance is rapidly coming to an end, Sgt. Ron McCracken said.

From this point on, after one warning is issued, skateboarders trespassing on private property will be arrested and taken to jail, or juvenile hall, depending on their age, he said.

“I’m not against skateboarders, but when you can’t walk on the sidewalks safely, something has to be done,” McCracken said.

The sergeant explained that one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to illegal skateboarding is the shopping center located at the corner of South Mission and Ammunition roads, where Albertsons, CVS Pharmacy and other high-volume businesses and restaurants are located.

McCracken said this past summer the Sheriff’s Department got approximately 200 complaint calls per month about illegal skateboarding in the center.

“When we talk to these skateboarders, some of them get belligerent and even spit at the deputies,” McCracken said. “We’re taking a stance, and it’s going to be a very uncomfortable thing for some parents.”

The sergeant said when and if youth are arrested, they will be transported to a holding facility in Kearney Mesa, where parents will have to go to get them released.

McCracken said the shopping center is clearly marked “No Skateboarding” and signage is posted in all the appropriate places by the center management, but some skateboarders do not comply with the request.

“We are getting vandalism to the facilities; they block the driveways and bother the tenants,” McCracken said. “There are creating hazards and safety issues.”

Officers explained that, in some cases, skateboards might be confiscated. “That will be determined on a case-by-case basis,” McCracken said.

McCracken reiterates that skateboarding is not against the law but reminds citizens that one cannot linger, or loiter, in areas that are posted “No Skateboarding.”

“This pertains to individuals who are not conducting lawful business in the shopping center,” he said. “If they are being disrespectful, it is unlawful.”

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