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Rainbow Community Planning Group

A blend of incumbents and new candidates has come forward to fill the eight vacant seats on the Rainbow Community Planning Group (RCPG), dismissing the need for an election.

The individuals committed to serving new four-year terms are Jim Anderson, Julio Avila, Bob Cheatham, William Crocker, Keith Flanagan, Paul Georgantas, Clell “Bud” Swanson and R.J. Trotter.

The RCPG consists of 15 members who live in the community they serve. They are not county officials but act as advisors to San Diego County administrators.

All candidates have been afforded the opportunity to share their views regarding their public position. Anderson, Georgantas and Crocker are those who stepped forward to express their viewpoints.

Please provide your full name as listed on the ballot, occupation and/or retired occupation.

Jim Anderson: Incumbent and retired engineer

Paul T. Georgantas: Biotechnology executive

William M. Crocker: Retired construction superintendent

How long have you lived in Rainbow?

Anderson: “Twenty years.”

Georgantas: “I have resided in Rainbow for the past 12.5 years.”

Crocker: “I have lived in Rainbow since the spring of 2001.”

What made you decide to get involved in the planning group?

Anderson: “I am a present member, past chair.”

Georgantas: “Rainbow has a uniqueness of environment and collective culture that could serve as an example for the rest of Southern California, should we as citizens decide to preserve it.”

Crocker: “Larry Pearce, knowing my interest in local affairs, asked me to put my name forth to fill one of the upcoming vacancies in the group.”

What qualifications and attributes do you have that could be of benefit to the RCPG?

Anderson:No information provided.

Georgantas: “My experience as a biotech and environmental executive gives me an interesting blend of economic development and the environmental/scientific regimens give me a balanced perspective on future issues affecting our quality of life.”

Crocker: “I have been a project manager, or superintendent, in retail construction for 25 years. I have experience with planning issues from that view.”

What three issues do you think should be top priority with the RCPG and why?

Anderson: “Improve road safety, improve fire-safe community and work to keep future changes conforming to county zoning and not through use permits.”

Georgantas: “1) Maintain a balanced collective will of the residents of Rainbow; 2) communicate effectively all facets of potential development initiatives within and throughout the community; and 3) not make the same mistakes that our fellow communities make in homogenizing their hometowns’ cultures into a series of strip malls and environmental mishaps. The reasons are simple: bigger certainly is not better, quality of life should not be spared for the greed of others and what is good for Rainbow is good for the county.”

Crocker: “RCPG should continue to be a reliable and thoughtful advocate for the Rainbow community with respect to county government. Of course, our advice on the Liberty Quarry is important. Signage compliance is important as well. Water issues are important.”

How successful do you think the RCPG is at solving issues and how do you feel you could improve that?

Anderson: “We are successful at informing the county of our views and allowing the community a forum.”

Georgantas: “The planning group is and will be made up of selfless citizens trying to do the right thing for the community. They earnestly and without bias try to deliver the wishes of the community; there is no back room. I hope to expand inclusion of all citizens into the development of Rainbow as an independent community, including our own post office, without experiencing the unbridled growth of our neighbors. The Rainbow Valley is one of the last and most beautiful bastions of traditional San Diego County’s heritage and culture.”

Crocker: “Committee work helps expose the basics of various issues. I can contribute in that way.”

What is your position on Liberty Quarry?

Anderson: “I am opposed to the Quarry.”

Georgantas: “Clearly, our quality of life and environment would be severely compromised by a mining operation upwind from our beautiful valley. We already have a new Granite Construction quarry at Rosemary’s Mountain on our southern flanks on route SR-76 that is contributing to the destruction of North County’s scenic heritage. It is there to build bigger roads for bigger casinos and for continuance of our past development debacles.”

Crocker: “I oppose Liberty Quarry for all the reasons that have been stated.”


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