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A $60 million debt for ratepayers

The newest California gold mine is the exploitation of Fallbrook’s ratepayers by Fallbrook Public Utility District’s (FPUD) GM Keith Lewinger. This water guru, together with US Representative Issa, is using House Resolution 29 to stick us, ratepayers, with a $60 million loan, or bond, for the Santa Margarita River Conjunctive Use Project (SMRCUP) located inside Camp Pendleton (North County Times, 9/20/08).

Lewinger is also busy establishing a tax-exempt organization of water gurus from Olivenhain, Otay, FPUD and another water district to become water wholesalers. FPUD ratepayers were stuck with a $10,000 joining fee. FPUD never stops spending (our money) for the sake of spending.

At FPUD’s September 22 directors meeting, Lewinger stated that, in five years, avocado farmers will be paying the same water rates as domestic water users. Are we “hayseeds” paying the bill while Lewinger strips the gold mine?

Congressman Issa is against bailing out financial institutions but is willing to stick FPUD ratepayers with a $60 million debt for the SMRCUP. What’s in it for Issa?

This huge FPUD debt will significantly reduce the value of Fallbrook homes and make avocado groves almost impossible to sell. Chemical/civil engineer Archie McPhee opposes this project because of this huge $60 million cost. Camp Pendleton considers this well water to be contaminated and forbids tap water use by/for babies and children even when boiled. Its water mains are flushed every three months to remove heavy silt concentrations. Camp Pendleton provides bottled water for base residents to drink.

Patricia J. Walker


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