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When a community comes together

I’m sure, by now, most of you have come to know the name Jacob Robinson, the young man from our community who suffered a severely broken back in a car accident a few weeks ago. While at the time of this writing we are still waiting, hoping and praying for a miracle that Jacob will be able to use his legs again, however, from my perspective many miracles have already happened.

It is powerful when a community comes together. In the book of Acts, Jesus told his disciples to “wait” for the coming power of the Holy Spirit. All of his disciples were together in one room, waiting, praying and trusting that Jesus would come through in a mighty way, and the Holy Spirit came like a rushing wind and filled the disciples with the power to carry out the ministry of telling the world the message of Christ.

It was powerful, the night after the accident, hundreds of people from our community gathered together to pray, to comfort each other, to encourage each other and to hold up Jacob before the Lord, seeking God’s miraculous intervention. Since then, Jacob has had two major surgeries that he came through successfully. While we still don’t know the full status of his spinal cord, the sheath around it was mostly intact, where the doctor had predicted it would be totally shredded. Jacob has worked through several difficulties and setbacks but is now involved in rehabilitation and is doing well. All for which we are very thankful!

But I think some of the greatest miracles have taken place as we have come together to provide support for Jacob’s family. Seeing all the people who have given of their time and finances and love to care for this family is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had since living in Fallbrook. This is a wonderful community and I hope that as we continue to support the Robinson family that we will look for more ways to come together.

Most of us remember how our nation came together in the days and weeks after the tragic 9/11 event. We were one nation, one people and we were working together. We need to remember that while we have diverse differences in perspectives, we are still one people and when we come together amazing things happen.

Keep your eyes open to the miracles God has for us as we come together to support families like the Robinsons. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to come together to care for each other and to support what’s good and right. God is doing miracles, and of course, our continued prayer is for the miracle of Jacob being able to walk again. But there are many other miracles happening all around us; let’s keep coming together to see God’s hand move!


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