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RE: 'Director Griffiths must go' [Letter, Village News, 10/9/08]

Helene Brazier wrote that she had asked the Rainbow Water District board to investigate per diem payments to me, alluding they may be improper. As with any complaint, the district has investigated the payments and reported to all directors.

A core paragraph of the interim report regarding my behavior states as follows: “Director Griffiths (was scheduled to and) did attend the SMWC meetings for which he received the per diems, made the requisite reports to the Board of Directors, submitted the appropriate documentation, and his reimbursements were routinely reported in the Board packages; the District benefited from his attendance at those meetings. Director Griffiths followed the proper procedures and was above board about his participation in the SMWC…”

So much for the propriety of my actions and Brazier’s mischaracterization.

Jack Griffiths


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