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Chernofsky advises steady, conservative investing over time

Each person has a different vision as to how they want to spend their retirement years. Be it jetting around the world or living modestly in the countryside, financial advisor Diana Chernofsky specializes in helping one achieve their specific retirement dream.

Her job, she explained, begins with a full analysis of a client’s current financial standing. This involves reviewing their financial status, real estate holdings, other investments, life insurance and long-term care plan.

“I look at every detail of a person’s life,” she said, “and that helps me make projections for their future needs, for when they tell me when they would like to retire and what type of retirement they envision.”

Chernofsky described the essence of her business is to protect her clients’ money and not put their investments at risk. Even with this volatile global market, her clients have breathed a sigh of relief due to her conservative investment strategies.

“In the past month, my clients have been calling and e-mailing me to say, ‘Thank you, I am able to sleep at night,’” she said. “[My clients] really haven’t been affected by what’s going on in the market because they have guarantees in place.”

Over the long haul, Chernofsky believes the strategy that works best is consistent investing in safe places over a long period of time. She remains steadfast in the old adage “Investing is time in the market and not market timing.”

“I also believe in asset allocation with good diversification,” she said.

Chernofsky assists people in the accumulation phase, which naturally dovetails into wealth management for ones in the distribution phase.

She offers an array of services which include: pension planning and maximum tax avoidance for businesses, retirement planning, variable annuities and mutual funds, college planning and fixed, immediate and/or equity-indexed annuities.

On the insurance front, she can provide health, dental, life, disability, residential mortgage loans, reverse mortgages, supplemental Medicare plans, prescription drug plans and long-term care insurance.

Chernofsky calls herself service-driven rather than sales-driven. For her, it’s all about the needs of her client and helping them meet their retirement goals.

Although a Registered Representative through ING, a strong international company, she is not bound by their proprietary products. Chernofsky is independent and has access to worldwide products which provide her with greater flexibility in her investment strategies.

“I do not have sales quotas and that also sets me apart,” she added. “I run my practice in an ethical manner.”

Her analysis is generated by software called DreamWare. Information is entered, projections are made and a personalized financial plan is tailored to meet the particular needs of a client.

“Having a plan on paper is to help people get the plan that is in their mind into a realistic working format,” she said. An annual analysis is also provided to ensure that her clientele is on track and to make any necessary adjustments or solutions along the way.

When it comes to enjoying her downtime, Chernofsky loves outdoor sports. Depending on the season, she can be found sailing, kayaking, hiking and snow skiing.

“I am also a board member for the Women’s Resource Center of Oceanside, where we help battered women rebuild their lives,” she said.

In both business and her personal life, Chernofsky is an advocate when it comes to helping others.

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