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Senior Olympic pickleball competition takes place in Bonsall

BONSALL — The San Diego Senior Olympics Pickleball was held at the San Luis Rey Downs Resort September 26-28. This was the third year Pickleball was included in the competitive sports and the only sport hosted in North San Diego County.

“Pickleball is still one of the fastest-growing sports, not only in the Senior Olympics but for the whole family, too,” said Beverly Youngren, USA Pickleball Ambassador for San Diego County.

More than 75 competitors arrived for the three-day competition, coming from as far away as Arizona and Montana.

Pat Carroll, Pickleball commissioner for San Diego County, said the event was an “amazing success” since the six designated Pickleball courts are now complete at San Luis Rey and many of the players are fairly new to the sport.

To learn more about Pickleball, e-mail Beverly Youngren at [email protected] or Pat Carroll at [email protected].

2008 San Diego Senior Olympics

Pickleball Results

Women’s Singles (ages 50-54)

Gold: Bonnie Campbell

Silver: Stephanie Ice

Bronze: Laura Hester

Women’s Singles (55-59)

Gold: Linda Brockie

Silver: Deedee Jackson

Bronze: Gayle Hatten

Women’s Singles (60-64)

Gold: Gail Penacho

Silver: Beverly Youngren

Women’s Singles (65-69)

Gold: Pat Carroll

Silver: Karen Maus-Long

Women’s Singles (70-74)

Gold: Jo Hancock

Men’s Singles (50-54)

Gold: Jim McBride

Silver: Tom Wolf

Men’s Singles (55-59)

Gold: Ken Follis

Men’s Singles (60-64)

Gold: Tom Reed

Silver: Bob Storm

Bronze: Chris Thomas

Men’s Singles (65-69)

Gold: Bob Youngren

Silver: Robert Lyman

Bronze: Fred Peppe

Men’s Singles (70-74)

Gold: Dewey Chapman

Women’s Doubles (50-54)

Gold: Ann Merrill/Nida Swift

Silver: Linda Brockie/Stephanie Ice

Bronze: Kathy Bergman/Deedee Jackson

Women’s Doubles (55-59)

Gold: Gayle Hatten/Vaughne Bohn

Silver: Pam Jensen/Maria Stenner

Bronze: Deedee Jackson/Diane Hein

Women’s Doubles (60-64)

Gold: Beverly Youngren/Nancy Sass

Silver: Gail Penacho/Pat Carroll

Bronze: Keri Floyna/Cindy Palenske

Men’s Singles (75-79)

Gold: Dick Shell

Women’s Doubles (65-69)

Gold: Karen Maus-Long/Haruko Meinhardt

Silver: Ann Jensen/Jo Rogers

Women’s Doubles (70-74)

Gold: Jo Thorson/Virginia Troester

Silver: Mary Hockenour/Barbara Hubbs

Bronze: Phyllis Hershey/Gigi Sartor

Men’s Doubles (50-54)

Gold: Bill Gunning/Jim McBride

Silver: Ed Contreras/Ben Sanchez

Men’s Doubles (55-59)

Gold: Ken Follis/Brian Jensen

Men’s Doubles (60-64)

Gold: Bob Youngren/Mark Rudich

Silver: Fred Peppe/Dennis Dacey

Bronze: Tom Reed/Bob Parigian

Men’s Doubles (65-69)

Gold: Dewey Chapman/Bob Lyman

Silver: Alan Brotman/Ted Pritchett

Bronze: Stephen Berry/Saxon Rawlings

Mixed Doubles (50-54)

Gold: Beverly Youngren/Jim McBride

Silver: Bonnie Campbell/Fred Peppe

Bronze: Stephanie Ice/Chris Thomas

Mixed Doubles (55-59)

Gold: Gayle Hatten/Brian Jensen

Silver: Pam Jensen/Ken Follis

Bronze: Linda Brockie/Rick Brocki

Mixed Doubles (60-64)

Gold: Gayle Penacho/Bob Youngren

Silver: Mark Rudich/Nancy Sass

Bronze: Patty Storm/Bob Storm

Mixed Doubles (65-69)

Gold: Pat Carroll/Bob Lyman

Silver: Diane Hein/Larry Birdsell

Bronze: Karen Maus-Long/Steve Berry

Mixed Doubles (70-74)

Gold: Jo Hancock/Richard Northup

Silver: Jo Thorson/Al Brotman

Mixed Doubles (75-79)

Gold: Gigi Sartor/Dick Shell


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