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Large mortgages were a gamble

Let’s talk about government bailout and credit for a moment. Do you believe that the US government should take over all mortgages for homeowners unable to meet their current payments? If your answer is an unequivocal yes, then you have lost me!

I believe that if you are middle class, blue collar wage earner, married with two children, and you took out a mortgage on a large, five-bedroom, three-bathroom with a pool/Jacuzzi, my response to your plea for help is thanks, but no thanks! You knowingly took on more than you needed, merely betting in the hope that prices would continue to escalate. Well, you gambled and lost, period.

If, on the other hand, you are a similar family in a modest three-bedroom, one-bathroom home and have been in it for several years but have recently lost your job or have unexpected large medical expenses, then I think you deserve some government help, and I’m willing to pay added taxes to pay for it.

I realize that those people living beyond their means in large modern homes they can no longer afford will not be happy with me. So be it. I don’t feel sorry for those who lose at Las Vegas or at Indian casinos either!

Robert F. Green


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