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IRS has refunds but no addresses for Fallbrook/Bonsall residents

SAN DIEGO — The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is looking for Southern California taxpayers who are missing more than 10,000 economic stimulus checks totaling about $6.4 million and 4,980 regular refund checks totaling $4.7 million that were returned by the US Postal Service due to mailing address errors.

Seventy-three of these taxpayers are believed to live or have lived in Fallbrook and/or Bonsall.

“People across the country are missing tax refunds and stimulus checks. We want to get this money into the hands of taxpayers, where it belongs,” said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. “We are committed to making the process as easy as possible for taxpayers to update their addresses and get their checks.”

All a taxpayer has to do is update his or her address once. The IRS will then send out all checks due.

Those who may be due a stimulus check must update their addresses with the IRS by November 28. By law, economic stimulus checks must be sent out by December 31.

The average undelivered economic stimulus check due Southern Californians is $617; nationally, it’s $583.

To find out the procedure to receive these refunds, taxpayers can call (866) 234-2942 or (800) 829-1954 or visit

Area residents being sought are listed alphabetically below:

• Anastacio Tomas, Rigoberto

• Avalos, Martha

• Beach, David J.

• Blancas, M. and C. Marquezbautista

• Borders, Kevin and Consuelo

• Brain, John A.

• Brawley, Terence I.

• Brumett Jr., Ricky P.

• Buillory, Helen G.

• Bush, Dathen A.

• Camilli, Daniel and Barbara

• Chan, Katie S.

• Chandler, Joshua L.

• Choi, Anthony K. and Rosamartha

• Cortes, Marcelo Morales

• Cortes, Yesica

• Curtis, Lori

• DeAlba-Bravo, Mario

• DiMercurio, David and Peggy Belknap

• Dimock, Jarrod H. and Shinner, April

• Domingo, Pedro M.

• Dunmire, Christopher D.

• Estrada, Adriana

• Estrada, Esmeralda

• Ferguson, Johnathan and Kathryn

• Fonseca Ibarra, Leon

• Gray, William and Alimae

• Hardy, Jenny M.

• Hoctor, Melissa T.

• Holmen, Scott and Michelle

• Jimenez, Cirilo and Victoria Rojas

• Joseph, Ducarmel

• Lee, Chul S.

• Leftwich, LeRoy

• Leth, Leni

• Longoria, Michael

• Ludovic, Louis

• Lupercio, Antonio R.

• Mejia-Lucas, Antonio

• Mendez, Deborah

• Medina, Saul F.

• Mendoza, Chance D.

• Mickey, Christopher C.

• Nickles, Robert

• O’Brien, Christopher P.

• Olson, Tyler and Grace

• Padilla, Ricardo and Maria

• Pagan, Priscilla

• Perez, Francisco

• Phillips, Timothy J.

• Popik, Tetyana

• Price, Kathleen E.

• Prieto, Erick

• Ramirez, Jose

• Rodriguez, Marcus A.

• Rodriguez, Martin

• Shaw, Mark D. and Heather I.

• Siphonekham, Danny and Vivittaya

• Solano, Agapito Ramirez

• Souza, Allan P.

• Sovocool, Jason E.

• Stevens, Daniel C.

• Torres, Jose L.

• Vazquez-Barajas, Mario

• Velazquez, Juan P.

• Villasenor, Hector and Luz

• Villegas, Alina

• Vitale, Vincent

• Voge, Thor

• Ward, George L. and Karen A.

• Willis, Blake and Vanessa

• Zacarias, Pedro and Andrea


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