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GOP needs to wise up

Recently, in a rival newspaper, the heads of San Diego Young Republicans and Young Democrats weighed in on “Why I am voting for ____.”

Dave Gersz, president of Young Dems, wrote an eight-paragraph column on the qualities, issues and Obama plans which have led him to his belief that Obama would be the best president. Not one mention or attack of John McCain.

Mark Kersey, president of Young Republicans, wrote a 10-paragraph column, with more than half attacking Obama rather than talking about the qualities, issues and plans which would endear a voter to McCain. Very negative. Sounds pretty much like the actual McCain and Palin campaign speeches we are hearing, which will probably lose the election for them.

As a former Republican, I can tell you that I am waiting for the GOP to wise up and fly right. Dump the neo-cons, get rid of the negativity and come up with some fresh ideas for our country. McCain/Palin is same crap, different day. Young Republicans, take note: change attitude and tactics or lose for a long, long time.

Jerry Sarnataro


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