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Four things every woman should know about cars

Women purchase more than half of all the vehicles on the road. But the majority of women, between 65 to 80 percent, does not do routine maintenance and repair themselves, say automotive experts and information from Road & Travel Magazine. Most women rely on a service center or another party to take care of their vehicles.

However, there are some things that every woman should know about cars and automotive repair/maintenance in case she is ever stranded with a flat tire and an out-of-service cell phone.

1. Know how to read and understand the gauges and lights on the dashboard. These warning signals can indicate everything from low engine coolant to an air bag that is inactivated.

2. Learn how to change a tire. Tire blowouts or flats are the leading cause of auto emergencies on roadways. Knowing how to change a tire and having the proper tools for the job can save time and money and be a safer method than flagging down a stranger. A flathead screwdriver, lug wrench, car jack and spare tire are items to have on hand.

3. Know how to give the battery a jump. Another common auto incident is a battery that has died. Getting a vehicle back on the road involves a set of jumper cables, some know-how on positive and negative charges and another vehicle to provide the auxiliary power.

4. Learn how to change the wiper blades. To ensure optimal vision when driving, a properly functioning set of wipers is necessary. Check the owner’s manual for wiper blade sizing and then practice taking the blades on and off.


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