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Fundamentals of Liberal vs. Conservative thought

On the precipice of a sharp turn to the Left, we should understand where this direction is likely to take us. Liberals believe there is only so much wealth to go around; therefore, if there are those who have more, it’s because others didn’t get their fair share. Conservatives believe that the opportunity for wealth is unlimited and those who are willing to work the hardest will have the most.

The Conservative view seems to be borne out by the fact that the Western world and particularly the US has become fabulously wealthy and though there’s plenty of rhetoric on the Left about how we have more than our share. The fact is, most of the world is better off because of our robust economy. All Americans have benefited; in what other nation do most of the poor have air conditioning and cable TV?

We’ve shared our technology, our resources and our dollars. We’ve provided jobs and opportunities throughout the world because of the strength of our economy. The last 200 years of previously unimaginable progress is the direct result of the entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic of Americans relieved of government oppression.

Tinkering with our capitalist system in an effort to ensure that everyone gets an equal share will kill the incentive that has made us so successful. As our freedom to keep the fruits of our labor is eroded we will begin to experience equality – the equality of poverty that so much of the world still endures.

Margot Holman


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