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Keep your eye on the prize

The oil-producing countries and the American gasoline producers are not stupid, but they think that the American public is. Oil pricing and gasoline pricing is now being manipulated downward by them in hopes that we will not have the resolve necessary to increase mileage standards and develop alternative, non-petroleum-based means of producing energy. (Hmm… from over $4.50 to under $2 in six months. We don’t need no stupid, highly efficient cars.)

American memories are so short and these opportunist companies and countries figure that “acceptable cost” eliminates the focus. Let’s not repeat history and fall victim to them. Let’s not cause billions to be sent to foreign countries, causing pollution and global warming, rather than having America develop non-food grain ethanol, wind, solar- and nuclear-powered electric plants, green fuels and many American jobs, with American ingenuity.

Let’s not “have to” fight another war over oil. Write to your legislators and the president asking that they keep their eye on the prize of being self-sufficient, green and highly efficient and creating eco-friendly power and jobs for our nation.

Jerry Sarnataro


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