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What are we becoming, America?

The only time in the last year I heard the word “hate” was by those against Proposition 8. They used the “hate” word all the time. So, I voted ‘yes’ on Proposition 8. Who wants to join the “hate” crowd?

This group is now harassing, picketing, trying to victimize those who voted against their agenda. I voted ‘yes’ for marriage between a man and a woman. In my history book, a man and woman got together to have children. It was labeled “marriage.” It is for the procreation of the race, for the future of the tribe, village, town, state and nation. It has to be between a male and a female. Guess what? Even animals know this.

Our forefathers made marriage a special institution to grow our nation. Note the word “institution” it is not a sexual preference. We still have that institution for the good of the country and the welfare of our children.

To those of you who have a “hate” dialogue, you are free to have your sexual preference in America. This is not just homosexuals, but polygamists, incest between consenting adults, et cetera. You will not be put to death as in some countries. No one interferes with your sexual preference. This is not about equality.

Proposition 8 said nothing about homosexuals except in the title our great state stuck on it. I think it really is time to ask: What are we becoming, America?

Colette O’Grady


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