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To whom it may concern

Did you see the car and driver that stopped at the red light at the intersection of South Mission and West Fallbrook Street? The driver stopped, looked both ways, then drove through!

Or the driver who was leaving the post office onto South Mission? Stopped at the end of the parking lot driveway, looked both ways, then drove across the six lanes to Fallbrook Street and headed east?

Or the car and driver that passed me going east on Fallbrook Street, using the left turn lane?

If it was you, was it because you were in a hurry or because you know that there isn’t any law enforcement in town, even though we do have a sheriff’s substation with black and white cars in the parking lot?

If you get behind me, I do the speed limit or less; if you tailgate I’ll probably do less. I stop at stop signs and red lights.

Don’t get me wrong. I make mistakes.

(I made a “California stop.” I could see both ways okay, but a black and white stopped me. The officer told me that I didn’t make a complete stop. I told him that I could see both ways and no one was on the road, so what’s the difference? The officer pulled my head out of the window and started beating me with his stick, then asked me, “What do you want me to do? Stop or just slow down?”) (Joke!)

See? There is a difference.

Roscoe McGuire


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