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Lozzi specializes in therapeutic massage

Finding a massage therapist who has the talent to use both advanced techniques and intuition can take a lifetime of searching for some.

Fallbrook area residents are fortunate because at Transcendent Touch Healing Massage, highly regarded massage therapist Craig Lozzi, HHP, offers this integrative talent by providing his clients with a healing and memorable transcendent experience.

Lozzi has a wealth of experience, having specialized in this field for more than 30 years. Although he graduated as a Holistic Health Practitioner back in 1982, his unwavering passion in learning more has placed him on the path of continued education.

His exceptional talent has been recognized by different medical professionals.

“One of the things that I enjoy about my practice are the client referrals from other health practitioners like medical doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and psychologists,” said Lozzi, who remains humbled by their confidence in his abilities.

The benefits from a Transcendent Touch Healing Massage are incomparable. Clients are helped with physical pain due to injury and/or chronic issues, tense muscles, and are guided to put their body and mind at ease.

With a new patient, Lozzi begins the session with a thorough interview, gleaning all the important information.

“I want to understand why they are here and then customize a massage and goal for them,” he noted.

The ambience of the Transcendent Touch Healing Massage room is a refuge of nature. “I wanted to extend a feeling of being in a place that reflects the peace of nature,” said Lozzi.

Because stone massage is incorporated in Lozzi’s practice, lovely gemstones like the geode and river stone enhance the transcendent journey.

Highly respected for the development of “Integrated Stone Massage,” Lozzi has taught this technique in massage schools.

At no extra charge, Lozzi kindly incorporates heat stones into every massage.

Heat from a stone, explained Lozzi, has the natural ability to bring blood toward the stone, allowing oxygen and nutrients into the tissues.

“The heat from the stone penetrates and relaxes the muscles so that area will become very pliable and flexible even before the massage,” said Lozzi. This technique is a wonderful addition to deep tissue massage.

Additionally, Lozzi has incorporated cold stones.

“Cold stones are really good for people with injuries or chronic tension, so what I do is contrast/temperature therapy,” he explained. “I will first do heat stone massage, deep-tissue massage and then when we break through the tension in the tissue, we will alternate the hot and cold stones.”

What the cold stones do, said Lozzi, is drive the blood deep into the tissue of where the injury had presented itself.

Lozzi offers therapeutic massages which focus on relaxation, deep tissue, rehabilitation, reflexology, polarity and aromatherapy.

“Through years of technique and what I feel through my hands, I address what it is that we set out to do,” explained Lozzi.

Recently, Lozzi reintroduced Ayurvedic treatments, blending a richer traditional element to his business. “These treatments are excellent in restoring inner peace.”

Ayurvedic health treatments have a long tradition from India, explained Lozzi, and these natural therapies include the use of herbs, clays, essential oils and heat.

A holiday gift certificate from Transcendent Touch Healing Massage is a very special and personal gift.

“It’s a wonderful gift because it is one that gives inner peace and a sense of contentment,” said Lozzi.

A massage has the natural, magical ability to release all those challenging worldly external stimuli and lead one into a place of harmony and happiness.

“A good massage can allow us to realize what is really important to us and gives us perspective on our daily issues,” he said.

When not working with his own clientele, Lozzi volunteers his time by giving patient massages through Fallbrook Hospice.

“I really enjoy it,” he said, “because having them feel the warmth and care from another human being is so important.”

To learn more about Transcendent Touch Healing Massage, its new client specials, massage series packages, testimonials and more, call Lozzi at (760) 533-3505. The office is at 407 Potter Street, Suite D.

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