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Nothing minor about underage drinking

At 21 years of age, many people cannot handle the responsibility that comes with drinking. Responsible adults do not drink and drive; they do not allow friends to drink and drive; and they do not allow underage drinking!

How many more need to lose their lives before parents in this community wake up and start being parents - parents who do not condone underage drinking and do not allow underage drinking on their property or provide access to alcohol to our kids.

Parents who allow their kids to host parties where alcohol is being served: you are not “cool” and neither is your kid!

My daughter was one of many underage drinkers with Sean Jordan the night and morning before he was killed in an auto accident.

That parent had no respect for the other parents in this community! That parent knew the kids were drunk and didn’t take car keys or block the kids’ vehicles in with a car like so many mothers do. Give other parents a call no matter what the time!

What a terrible experience for all the kids with Sean just moments before he left in his truck! What guilt and anguish they should feel! What terror and shock Sean’s own family must feel! I can’t even imagine.

Parents: do not allow underage drinking at your parties or gatherings. Lock up your booze if you are going out of town.

I know my daughter won’t ever forget Sean Jordan. I hope many others never forget him either.

Karen Adams


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