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The invisible elephant

The annual budget circus is back and the legislature clowns have run amok, dropping their special interest juggling balls down the abyss of the States budget black hole.

We’re told of the draconian cuts that will have to be made in the Great States massive budget that has only increased 90% in nine years. Where does all this revenue go? We’re told the cuts will be in food programs, libraries, shelters for the homeless, etc. - anywhere that they can tug on our heartstrings and prepare us for the massive tax increases as we march into the future of change.

One large sacred cow, or should we say elephant, that has escaped the circus and wanders the hallowed halls of the State capital is the massive amount of tax dollars spent on our newcomer friends from south of the border. The sum is in the billions upon billions of dollars. We pay to medicate, educate, and incarcerate millions of these people. These billions need to be spent on Americans. If and when we ever have a surplus, then we can send the extra to Mexico where it will possibly be criminally spent to a greater degree than it has been here.

Steve Applebee


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