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What is good for you?

A majority of those who voted for Bush and McCain were, in effect, voting against their self-interest.

They believed that Republican administrations are better for investors and the economy. This is shown to be false by statistics compiled by the investment managers at eTrade Bank, which measured broad economic performance over the last 80 years:

S&P 500 Returns by Party

(Annualized monthly returns from 1928-2008)

All administrations 14.5%

Republican presidents 11.4%

Democrat presidents 17.3%

I believe this is a result of Democrats focusing economic benefits on lower- and middle-class Americans, building the economy from the bottom up.

Republicans focus benefits on the wealthy, bleeding the economy and skimming profits for a few, leaving behind hollowed-out businesses.

The military also suffers under Republicans, while many military personnel continue to vote Republican. You can go to (Disabled American Veterans) and find the voting records for representatives.

Republicans constantly deny benefits for wounded vets, while Democrats consistently support them. Representative Issa (R) has a miserable record (less than 30 percent), while Representative Filner (D) of San Diego has a perfect 100 percent record.

The election of Obama may have been the turning point in these trends. Americans realized that real conservatism died out some time ago, replaced by 21st Century robber barons.

I believe eight years from now we will look back and see a vast majority of Americans better off. Republicans can be a part of that change, or resist it, which will determine the survival of their party.

Jon Monday


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