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You could make a difference

When I was growing up, on Christmas Day the streets were filled with children on their new bikes, skates, pogo sticks and in peddle cars.

Since the weather was not that great this Christmas I had hoped to see the kids out the next morning. What a disappointment to see only one child, alone, in his electric car.

I guess everybody got their kids Xboxes and war games or Grand Theft Auto for their computers this year. And they say we have a childhood obesity problem.

Oh, yes, I observed several kids in automobiles looking down, occupied by something in their hands (bet it wasn’t a book). The parent on the phone while driving. We will expect a teacher to later fix their antisocial behavior.

On Christmas I watched a kid open 15 presents in about 10 minutes without one thank you. We will later claim he has ADD.

People, when you show your kids that the thing hanging on your ear gets your immediate attention and they get what is left, do not be surprised if that thing between their thumbs becomes their best friend and you just a provider.

You are teaching them the wrong values if you allow them to park in front of the computer instead of commuting to the park.

Your children are the most important thing you bring to this world. Raise them and treat them as such and we will all be better for it.

Glenn Zajic


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