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Resolve pest control problems with ease

At times, pest control problems can seem to be a never-ending battle, but with the help of Fowler Pest Control, these issues can be resolved with ease.

Fowler Pest Control is a family-owned business committed to providing superior residential, commercial and industrial service.

“When you call us, you’ll be dealing with family,” said owner Glen Fowler.

Other family members who make up the extraordinary team are Glen’s wife Karen, daughters Molly and Maggi, son Michael and brother-in-law Chuck McDole.

“By starting this business, I was able to bring my family together,” said Fowler. “It has been great.”

Fowler Pest Control provides an impressive list of services that includes general pest control, rodent control, termite treatment and repairs, dry rot and fungus repair and home inspections.

Its agriculture service addresses successful control of gopher, squirrel and pigeon problems and more.

Prior to opening Fowler Pest Control in 2000, Fowler was a vice president for Terminix for 15 years, giving him a grand total of 25 years in the industry.

This business serves both San Diego and Riverside counties. Although Fowler Pest Control covers a large range, nearly 65 percent of its business is in their hometown of Fallbrook.

Since pest control issues are, in many cases, seasonal, Fowler Pest Control offers excellent solutions with state-of-the-art low-toxicity chemicals that are more environmentally friendly.

Families can have peace of mind knowing that Fowler Pest Control is looking out for their best interest.

“We are really conscious about homes that have kids and pets, so we will not use the old method of power-spraying insecticides,” said Fowler. “We use backpacks and spray where the insects are and use baits that are safer and more effective.”

Highly regarded in the industry, Fowler has employed his bait system in places such as schools and hospitals. “We go the extra mile to make sure everything is done correctly.”

During the winter season, explained Fowler, spiders and rodents can wreak the most havoc.

“Rodents are a big deal in the winter because when it is getting cold outside, they want to come indoors,” he said.

Fowler Pest Control routinely checks the perimeters of a structure, scrutinizing and closing any openings that would welcome a rodent.

Utilizing an outdoor bait program can keep the rodent population down, said Fowler.

Ignoring rodent problems can lead to extensive damage.

“When people let something like this go, it causes damage to your wiring and can ruin your insulation,” said Fowler. “And the dollar damages are huge when replacing insulation.”

Broken wires have also been known to trigger a fire.

Year-round and seasonal pesky insects such as ants and fleas can be dealt with by the experienced and certified Fowler team.

In addition, Fowler recommends that residences be inspected for termites every two years.

“It’s at that time when you start seeing evidence of termites,” he said. “Catch the problem early and it will cost a few hundred, but let it go and you are talking a few thousand dollars.”

Being that prevention plays a huge part in the pest control world, Fowler has added complimentary home inspections to his menu of services.

And if a homeowner chooses to attack pest control problem themselves, Fowler invites phone calls so he can assist with important pointers.

Fowler Pest Control has a motto which they live by on a daily basis: “Quality; Honesty; Integrity; Great Service; Great People.”

“We provide quality service at the right price and we back up everything we do,” said Fowler.

To learn more about Fowler Pest Control, call (760) 723-2592 or visit their educational and informative Web site at

The business also offers senior, military, firefighter and police officer discounts.

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