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Hoping wellbeing rises over misery and turmoil

With regard to “A solution for the Middle East,” the ancient hillsides and pastures between Mesopotamia and Egypt have been called home by many over the millennia and turning back the clock to any particular point in time will never achieve a consensus for peace within today’s context.

The British Empire’s might realigned a lot of areas in relatively recent times, including large parts of North America, but the fact remains that Palestinians have origins and aptitudes that are virtually indivisible from the Israelis.

The problem is not the intrinsic inability of the people to coexist; it is the unrelenting tribal demagoguery by a demented few that drives this divisiveness.

I think the most that we can hope for is that the day will soon once again arrive where care, consideration and mutual wellbeing rises triumphantly over the misery and turmoil that serves no purpose other than to keep extreme misanthropes in power.

That is not an impossible expectation in a world where one nation we know well went from segregation in the ’60s to a President-elect symbolic of mankind’s ability to seek solutions that stand above cynical prejudices and pejorative practices.

Tom Casey


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