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Investigation into 19-year-old's death continues

Officials from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) are currently conducting an investigation into how 19-year-old Sean Walker Jordan may have acquired alcohol prior to the December 20 automobile accident on SR76 that claimed his life.

The ABC’s Target Responsibility for Alcohol Connected Emergencies (TRACE) unit is conducting an investigation simultaneous with investigations done by the California Highway Patrol to determine where the alcoholic beverages were acquired, purchased or served to Jordan in the 24 hours prior to the accident.

The ABC is notified immediately of any death or serious injury involving underage drinking by officials, and TRACE is the unit that investigates incidents involving a person under 21 and alcoholic beverages.

TRACE investigators are in the process of reviewing evidence that may indicate where the alcoholic beverage was obtained. Such evidence can include statements from witnesses, receipts, bags, labels and more.

“We try to figure out what he did; who he talked to; if he was drinking, at work or with friends,” said Jerry Ackley, supervising investigator with TRACE. “In situations similar to this one across the state, friends and acquaintances who spoke to the person within 24 hours prior to the incident help us fill in the blanks on what really happened.”

If the TRACE investigation determines that an ABC-licensed location sold or furnished alcoholic beverages to Jordan, the department will file administrative action to suspend or revoke the liquor license of that business.

Ackley said if an adult furnishes any minor with alcohol in a home, the act is considered a misdemeanor and the complaint would be filed with the district attorney’s office. It is similar to an accused party intending to sell the alcohol to the minor, he added.

Whether or not an adult furnished alcohol to Jordan is only one element being considered by the TRACE unit.

It is also possible that Jordan was at a party with his peers and there may have been no adults on the premises, said Ackley.

In an incident involving death or injury of a minor due to alcohol consumption, the TRACE unit’s investigating procedure involves a situation reconstruction of what the victim did in the 24 hours prior to the incident.

“There is so much data that it will take several weeks to compile the information,” said Ackley. “However, we have a great relationship with the California Highway Patrol because we have found a mutual interest that allows us to work closely and answer questions about our investigations, especially if it involves minors and alcohol.”

Anyone with information pertaining to Sean Jordan’s case can contact Supervising Investigator Jerry Ackley at (562) 467-8405.

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