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Owning them is better than them owning us

I am starting to hear talk going around about nationalizing banks to pull us out of this mess and I, for one, think this would be a good idea, starting with the Fed as the Fed is a prime driver of the disaster this nation is now facing.

Andrew Jackson knew that a central bank would kill government power and so did Lincoln. When Wilson instituted the Fed in 1913, he thought he was helping out the country. In 1921, he rued the day he did the deed and we, the US taxpayer, have been paying the price ever since.

Bernakie and Paulson, along with Bush, Reagan, Carter and Clinton, enabled WS and others to steal this country blind. The question now is do we have the vision and courage to do something about it because time’s running out.

I know, nationalization is a bad word but only because most of us associate it with socialism but look at where we’re at today. The banks are too powerful when they can come to us at any point and say, “You give us more money or else.” Can we not see they are the elite class collecting taxes from the peasant class?

I, for one, believe us owning them is better than them owning us.

Mike Welling


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