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Supervisors authorize culvert repairs in four Fallbrook locations

If either state Proposition 1B funding or money from the Federal Economic Stimulus program becomes available to the County of San Diego, a contract for culvert repairs will be awarded which will include four Fallbrook culverts.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 January 28 to authorize the bid and award of a contract for internal paving repairs of 11 culverts.

The vote also authorizes the substitution of Federal Economic Stimulus funding for currently budgeted Proposition 1B funding should the Federal money become available.

The total estimated construction cost for all 11 culverts is $360,000, including contingency.

On November 19, the Board of Supervisors approved the county’s list of local streets and roads projects which will be funded from Proposition 1B revenue, including $360,000 for culvert repair and $680,000 for culvert liner installation.

Proposition 1B was approved by the state’s voters in the November 2006 election and provides $2 billion for California’s local streets and roads.

The state’s budget deficit may create a substantial delay in the county’s receipt of its share of Proposition 1B funds.

The Federal Economic Stimulus program is likely to restrict awards to projects which are ready for construction upon available funding, and the ability to substitute that funding for Proposition 1B revenue will allow the county to expedite its projects.

If funding for the culvert repairs is provided through the Federal Economic Stimulus program, county staff will return to the supervisors with a new Proposition 1B allocation proposal which will reassign the state revenue to other projects.

The county’s Department of Public Works maintains more than 14,000 culverts in San Diego County’s unincorporated areas.

Stormwater crews inspect all culverts on a cyclical basis and prioritize them for rehabilitation or replacement.

Culverts nearing the end of their design life are inspected by field engineering staff members to determine the best rehabilitation strategy.

The Fallbrook culverts to be repaired are along De Luz Road (1,140 feet north of Mile Post 1.0), Live Oak Park Road (155 feet west of Gum Tree Lane), Pepper Tree Lane (190 feet west of McDonald Road), and Winterhaven Road (90 feet east of Brooke Road).

The culvert repairs have a scheduled starting date of May, which will allow a start after the end of the county’s typical rain season. The work is expected to take between two and three months.

The county’s list of Proposition 1B spending also included $1,050,000 for bridge methacrylate sealing.

A separate authorization of an advertisement for bid and subsequent award along with authorization to substitute Federal Economic Stimulus money for Proposition 1B funds was also approved January 28.

The seven bridges to be rehabilitated include the Old River Road bridge over Moosa Creek.

That work, if either source of funding becomes available, would also begin in May and take between two and three months.

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