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We were only 127 votes short

I wish to thank the many FPUD ratepayers who voted for me; we were 127 votes short. Keith Battle is a registered Oceanside Lobbyist, which means he makes his living by lobbying politicians for favorable legislation to businesses.

For example, in 2002 ex-Congressman Ron Packard received approximately $230,000 from FPUD, for a two-year contract, to lobby Congressman Issa for the Santa Margarita River Project.

My wife blames the Fallbrook Village News for my loss because someone (possibly the publisher) altered my ad in the Village News by eliminating the wording that I was “the only candidate who was not a lobbyist.”

In response to Keith Battle’s recent attack on me, please note, Keith is not a California Registered Professional Civil Engineer. At the Evidentiary Hearing for the Orange Grove Power Plant, I was certified as an expert witness in water and wastewater engineering. Keith Battle is not so certified.

FPUD’s recycled water (actually reclaimed water) is non-disinfected tertiary treated sewage water. It stinks and contains waterborne diseases, hospital and manufacturing waste, hormones, blood, chemicals, unidentified waste; it is a health hazard. By law (California Health Laws Related to Recycled Water), it cannot be used where it can come in contact with workers.

Two 60,000-pound diesel water trucks will travel Mission Road hourly past shopping centers, post office, a school, residential and business centers to Highway 76 all with Battle’s approval. You can thank him while you wait in traffic ingesting the air pollution.

Archie McPhee

Registered Professional

Civil Engineer


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