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Abortion facts

Every 26 seconds, 3,300 times a day, a child dies in the United States by abortion. Everything that concerns us our society is based on the belief in the dignity of human life. Abortion destroys a human being. Abortion is the biggest killer in the United States, each year more people die through abortion than have been killed in all the wars in the United States’ history. The reality of abortion is death of unborn children.

Abortion in the United States is at least a $500 million a year business. Legalizing abortion was sold as a cure for many of our social problems – wrong. Since 1970 there have been significant percentage increases per our population in illegitimate births, children with single mothers, violent crime rate, teen suicide rate, and children on welfare.

Here is a case in point that pro-abortion people would say to have this child terminated: child’s future is a broken home; he will be abandoned by his father; his single mother will struggle to raise him. The rest of the story: despite the hardships he will endure, this child will become the first African American president. All life is sacred – choose life, your mother did.

Mark Corcoran


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