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High standards are trademark of Fallbrook Housecleaning

The local and family-owned business of Fallbrook Housecleaning has been making homes and businesses shine since 2005. Intentionally, it has remained a small company so as to maintain its high standards of service. Its formula of quality work and reasonable prices has made Fallbrook Housecleaning a success story.

“I love housecleaning,” said Kellie Wald, owner and Fallbrook High School alum. What Wald likes about this business is the finished product; seeing the transformation from “messy to clean” is what she enjoys most.

Wald says that it was her mother’s idea to start a housecleaning business. Unsure as to how she would like it, Wald completely surprised herself when she found she was fond of the work.

As Wald’s business grew, Fallbrook Housecleaning meant more to her than just a business, because friendships with her clients bloomed. “I do things with my clients on the weekends or we call one another to see how we are doing,” said Wald. “I’m so lucky to have such great clients.”

In addition, when clients call Wald on the phone praising and thanking her for a job well done, she can’t help but beam with pride. “The fact that [clients] call to thank me for a clean house is huge,” she said.

On some days, when Wald is faced with many jobs, family members such as her sister and/or sister-in-law will step in and help out. “Even with the extra help, I am still at every job,” said Wald. “And that’s the way it should be so I can make sure that it is done the way I want.”

Wald knows when a room is finished once she stands underneath the doorway and scans the area. When all looks perfect, she will move on to the next chore. And while footprints on the carpet may not be an issue for some, it is for Wald. Taking pride in her work, she seeks perfection.

Fallbrook Housecleaning offers residential, commercial, deep and spring cleaning services. “I also get those ‘My in-laws are coming in and I need your help’ phone calls,” she said.

In the past, Wald has helped people with organizational projects and window cleaning. If a job needs to be done, Wald is happy to tackle it. “I am glad to help my clients with special tasks,” she said.

Wald brings her own products, towels and cleaning equipment to each job. Through the years, she has discovered which products work best and always has a full inventory of things at hand. However, if a client prefers their own products, Wald is delighted to follow those instructions, too.

“What makes Fallbrook Housecleaning different is that you always get me,” said Wald. “I am not a service where you get someone new.” Wald individualizes each cleaning job, noting the preferences of her clients so their cleaning needs are always met.

For more information on Fallbrook Housecleaning, contact Kellie Wald at (760) 468-4086.

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