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Members of the North County Forum are turning the Opinion section of the Village News into a far left-wing blog. They distort history by creating facts as the basis of their arguments rather than basing the arguments on facts.

For example, Jon Monday credits Roosevelt with ending the Great Depression when it is now understood that policies of the Federal Reserves created the Great Depression and Roosevelt lengthened it by massive spending on unsuccessful projects. It is well documented that it was World War II that turned the economy around and ended the depression.

Maybe Jon Monday would be more accurate to compare President Obama’s policies with those of Jimmy Carter’s and hope he doesn’t get the same awful results. Then, of course, he uses Wikipedia, another left-wing blog (disguised as an Internet dictionary), as his source.

Joe Howard Crews’ laughable exaggerations and false claims of American war crimes insult the readers’ intelligence. Maybe Jon and Joe should take up another hobby, something that doesn’t require intellectual honesty and/or disciplined unbiased research.

Dennis Vernon Willis


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