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RE: 'Pit bull attack traumatizes senior; pet killed' [Village News, 2/26/2009]

Last fall I encountered two pit bulls that would have attacked my dog if not for the help of a local homeowner and my experience in the dog behavior field.

The two that were coming for my dog were loose and roaming on Todo Santos Court. They came after my dog, but I was able to protect myself and my dog and get them to go away.

I took my dog home and came back to see if they were still around. They were laying in a front yard of a home (not the owner’s) and another homeowner helped me catch them and tie them up.

One of them had an ID tag and I called the number. A young lady came to get them in just a few minutes. She said they were her brother’s dogs and that she had just gotten home from work and would see that her brother fixed their enclosure so they would not get out again.

Now I wonder if that was the same two that killed the lady’s dog. Your article did not identify the pit bull owner or the address they escaped from.

The lady whose dog was killed should find the most ruthless lawyer she can and take everything she can get from the irresponsible owner.

I have worked in the pet industry for over 30 years and know that pit bulls can be good dogs, but they need to be highly trained and never left to roam.

Jim Boyd


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