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Improve strength, posture, flexibility, balance at Fallbrook Pilates Core & More

Fallbrook Pilates Core & More, Inc. is a premier studio that emphasizes a classical style of exercise. Its studio is pristine and inviting, featuring excellent Pilates equipment to further enhance the wellness discipline.

“Pilates is a method of exercise created by Joseph Pilates and was originally used as a rehabilitative type of exercise,” said owner Sherri Trombetta. “Joseph was a sickly child and through his exercises he was able to heal himself and go on to heal others.”

Rather than focusing on New Age techniques of Pilates, Trombetta’s studio strongly emphasizes the roots of what Pilates was originally designed for. In essence, Pilates keeps the body tall and strong.

This form of exercise continually helps in areas such as flexibility, balanced muscle development, concentration, breathing, coordination, strength, posture, focus and stress reduction. The strengthening of the core muscles is the foundation.

Strengthening the core muscles, Trombetta explained, guides a person even when working on their legs and arms.

Pilates can offer alleviation from pain for those dealing with issues involving the back, shoulder, knees, neck and the like. The benefits of Pilates are truly endless.

Pat May, a client of Fallbrook Pilates Core & More, noticed a significant difference in her overall health. “Pilates has improved my balance and flexibility,” she said. “I have had a lot of neck and back problems and it has definitely improved those problems and I now feel energized.”

While weightlifting is a great tool, it only focuses on the big superficial muscles. “Weightlifting is good, but Pilates goes deeper and develops the little tiny muscles that support the big muscles; if you do both [weights and Pilates] together, you are strengthening from the inside out,” Trombetta said.

After Trombetta became a certified personal trainer 10 years ago, she worked with well-known Fallbrook personal trainer Judi Way. It was Way who introduced her to Pilates. “Judi wanted to find out what Pilates was all about and she used me as a guinea pig,” said Trombetta.

It was at this time that Trombetta discovered a whole new way of exercising and training the body. While adhering to the method of Pilates, Trombetta noticed an overall improvement in her flexibility, strength and balance.

Another client of Fallbrook Pilates Core & More, Carol Carroll, felt the same changes. “Pilates has increased my flexibility and strength and has really improved my overall outlook and confidence,” Carroll said.

Wanting to become further educated in Pilates, Trombetta went on and earned her certification as a PMA Pilates instructor. However, never in her wildest dreams did she expect to open a Pilates studio, let alone end up with one of the largest in North San Diego County.

Fallbrook Pilates Core & More was established four years ago and has four wonderful certified trainers who are all educated in classical Pilates. Each instructor brings her own unique talents to the studio floor and encourages every client who walks through the door.

“The four of us get along incredibly well; we are a great team and I couldn’t have asked for better,” said Trombetta.

The studio offers private, semiprivate and group lessons at very reasonable rates. Trombetta’s goal is to give clients of all ages the opportunity to experience the full benefit of this wonderful discipline. “Pilates is great for your overall health and wellbeing,” she said.

Fallbrook Pilates Core & More is located at 433 South Main Avenue in Fallbrook. They can be reached by phone at (760) 731-0731.

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