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Excellence in heating and air conditioning the trademark of Excel Air

An efficient heating and air unit with excellent filtration can make a world of difference when it comes to indoor comfort. With the latest technology and industry knowledge, Excel Air Corporation is a top choice for residential, business and industrial projects.

In 2008, Excel Air received the Best of Fallbrook 2008 Air Conditioning award presented by US Local Business Association.

Excel Air offers fine heating and air conditioning systems, excellent repair service and maintenance programs, duct work and blue ribbon customer care.

“We fulfill our promises,” said owner Alex Kuhtarev, a Fallbrook resident. “We never leave our customers with unresolved problems.”

Creating a successful business took a lot of hard work and dedication for Kuhtarev. Born and raised in the Soviet Union, he knew as a young adult that there were more opportunities for him and his family in the United States.

Kuhtarev jumped at the opportunity to come to the United States in 1994, but achieving the American Dream took steadfast diligence.

“I was working two and three shifts just to survive in the beginning,” he said. “At the same time, I was learning English and going to trade school.”

That perseverance paid off.

Mechanically inclined, Kuhtarev took to the heating and air industry like a fish to water. Excited to specialize in energy-saving systems, he pays close attention to the latest innovations in the industry.

This family-owned business helps those who suffer from allergy, asthma and respiratory illnesses with an exceptional filtration system named MERV 16.

“ cleans the air in your home and has been rated the number one professionally installed whole-house filtration system,” Kuhtarev explained. This in-duct purification unit is effective in the removal of allergens, dust, bacteria and more.

If one does not have a good filtration system in the home, Kuhtarev said, human lungs become the filtration system instead.

The service and maintenance program offered by Excel Air is of tremendous help to homeowners and businesses. On an annual basis, they check air units by conducting computerized air duct and freon tests.

In an average house (10 years and older), aging ducts have an increased chance of leaks. “This means that every dollar we are spending for running the air conditioning or heating system, we have just thrown 30 cents of that dollar out the window,” Kuhtarev said. “By fixing the ducts, we can save a customer hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year.”

Testing the freon level allows Excel Air to be certain that its level is perfect so the compressor does not overwork itself.

And if by chance a homeowner or business needs a new air and heating system, Excel Air is the place to call.

In homes, Kuhtarev utilizes a computerized Residential Comparison Program.

Fundamentally, it analyzes the environment of a home by inputting particulars such as thermostat settings and insulation details. The results will generate data of how efficient the current system is versus the energy required by a newer system.

There is a difference between a standard-efficiency and high-efficiency unit, said Kuhtarev. Although an energy-efficient system costs more in the beginning, it pays off in the end. An efficient unit can save a homeowner nearly $500 per year, not to mention the good it does for the environment.

With summer right around the corner, Kuhtarev recommends getting air conditioning systems checked to make sure all is running properly. Heating units should be checked annually, too. Ongoing preventative maintenance may help customers avoid having to purchase a new system.

Excel Air is pleased to offer free estimates and makes customer service a priority.

“In our business, it’s more than just a business; it’s a relationship with people,” Kuhtarev said.

Customers Ron and Wendy Palmer said of Excel Air, “In this day and age when ‘the customer comes first’ seems to have been placed on the back burner, [Excel Air] kept us up front, and for that we are very grateful.”

To contact Excel Air, call (760) 723-9294 or e-mail [email protected].

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