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Wasteful spending

Listening to the political ‘opposition’ toward Obama’s ‘stimulus plan,’ one would think these ‘fiscal conservatives’ are genuinely against excessive government spending. Well, who isn’t?

But it was these same Senators and Congressmen who gave the okay for Geo. Bush to expend billions of taxpayer dollars on the ‘phony’ invasion of Iraq and provide the excuse for Lockheed, Boeing, Sylvania, Blackwater, etc. to profit enormously.

According to the conservatives, this was not “wasteful,” but to use taxpayer dollars to provide jobs fixing the Interstate highway system, or to rebuild neglected schools – well, that’s wasteful! What do you think? It seems like a “no-brainer” to me! But, then, of course, I don’t have big investments within the huge military/industrial complex which pay for my new car and second home. What do I know?

Robert F. Green


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