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Deadly consequences of the Smelt minnow situation

I am a hard line environmentalist. I live in a wilderness area and I respect its vegetation and non-human inhabitants. However, I do not respect radical environmentalists who disregard science. Only about two percent of the potable water consumed in Southern California is used by farmers.

The environmental limitation on water from the California Delta to protect the California Smelt minnow is radical and violates scientific reasoning. One scientific theory concerning food crops is, “For every acre of land taken out of food production 6,000 people worldwide die of starvation.” How many people worldwide have the California environmentalists starved to death by withholding water from the Delta?

Water is necessary for all plant, animal and human life in California. How much vegetation, gopher, squirrel, rabbit, bird, coyote, mountain lion and fish life have these environmentalists killed in San Diego County in favor of the California Smelt minnow?

A huge number of farms in the San Joaquin Valley are out of food production due to the lack of Delta water. Science informs us that green vegetation “breathes in” carbon dioxide (plant food) and “breathes out” oxygen during daylight hours.

Consequently these radical environmentalists contribute to huge increases of carbon dioxide in the San Joaquin Valley and also cause the death by starvation of hundreds of thousands of humans worldwide by not permitting water for food production.

Did these radical environmentalists ever think of the deadly consequences of their actions concerning the Smelt minnow, or do they care?

Archie McPhee


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