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Driver slams into two other cars in front of Live Oak School

A Fallbrook man, who California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Eric Newbury says “wasn’t paying attention,” caused a three-car pileup in front of Live Oak Elementary School on Tuesday morning, October 6.

Abelino Gorostieta, 45, who was traveling eastbound in the 1900 block of Reche Road at about 7:15 a.m., evidently did not notice that the two vehicles ahead of him had slowed to a stop near the school’s entrance.

“Gorostieta was doing about 45 miles per hour in his Toyota Camry when he slammed into the vehicle ahead of him, causing that vehicle to hit the one waiting to turn in to the school,” said Newbury.

Gorostieta did not appear to have any injuries due to the collision.

Laurence Johnson, 74, of Fallbrook was in the middle vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma pickup. “Mr. Johnson was doing everything right; he had slowed to let the lady ahead of him make her turn into the school,” said Newbury.

Johnson was transported to Fallbrook Hospital with complaints of pain to his head, neck and back.

Maria Lozasantoyo, 46, of Fallbrook was the individual in the first position, waiting to turn in to the school. Lozasantoyo was driving a Kia Sedona van and no one in her vehicle reported any injury or pain, Newbury said.

“What happens in the case of a three-car pileup is the middle vehicle absorbs all the energy; in this case, [Johnson] got the brunt of it,” said Newbury. “He was doing everything right, but he’s the one who got hit and injured.”

Traffic was diverted for a short time due to the collision and both Gorostieta’s and Johnson’s vehicles had to be towed away from the scene.

Newbury said alcohol was not a factor in the collision.


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