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A final plea for healthcare

The healthcare debate finally approaches decision time and I have no crystal ball.

I’ve written on this subject before – even to John Steele at GOP headquarters – and this will be my final letter on healthcare. Frankly, as a registered GOP member, I am saddened with the negative position taken by my party’s rank and file.

This is not the way to expound GOP principles – it smacks of “me” instead of “we.” If we allow the corporate giants in the insurance and pharmaceutical industries to once again defeat the people’s needs and desires for good, affordable healthcare for all Americans, then we should hang our heads in shame as we count our stock market profits.

My GOP stalwart friends, unfortunately, concentrate only on the potential abuses of any new system. Sure they occur. They lose sight, however, of the fact that the vast majority of Americans will benefit. All my friends can see is the cost and “who will pay for it?”

Well, we all will, of course, and those who can most afford it (like myself) will pay the most. So what? We old-time GOP members must not allow the right wing extremists to have their way. It is time the GOP stood over more for “humanity” instead of the “bottom line.”

Robert F. Green


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