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A note of deep concern

I am writing this note of deep concern. I want to open your eyes to common errors we all make when writing checks.

I was in a local copy store on a quiet evening. I made some copies and the check was for $4.89. Due to a very stupid mistake on my part, I wrote the check for $489. The money was then taken out of my checking account immediately.

It took me one week and plenty of aggravation to get the money back. They accused me of lying about the money, even though I had proof. I had my statement, the copy of the check and a copy of the deposit.

The owner got very angry, started cursing and was very nasty when I showed him the proof of the copies, even though we were in the store in front of customers.

Anyone who has done any business knows $485 is a lot of money to spend in a copy store.

Please be careful to write checks wisely and that the payment is correct and sign it. The bank will go by the written line. Not only was I sick with humiliation, the undue stress and rudeness of the owner, I was afraid I would not see my money.

It was only by the goodness of the owner’s wife that the matter was settled and I was written a check for my outstanding amount of $485 after going to the bank and waiting for 12 days.


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