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Better hope the death panel doesn't happen

My brother lived in Toronto, Canada. He was my best friend and mentor. He experienced spinal sinuses and a heart aneurism and was informed there were no treatments available in the Canadian health system for these problems, probably because of his 83-year age.

However, there are treatments for these health problems in America’s present healthcare system. My brother died of a ruptured aneurism two months ago. I begged him to come to America and avail himself, at his expense, of the treatments available to him here.

A recent letter in the North County Times concerned a woman who was treated for a brain aneurism; she complained about the cost, but she should thank God she is alive.

The Mark Levine show reported on an 80-year-old woman whom the British Health Care System decided was expendable and were starving her to death until her daughter rescued her.

Many are concerned about death panels in Obamacare. Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, and Rahm’s brother have published literature stating 6-year-olds have their life experiences ahead of them while 65-year-olds have already completed their major life experiences.

If a death panel occurs in Obamacare, it will not matter if the old “sheepies” are Democrats or Republicans, they will die if Obamacare decides it to be so.

In my opinion, President Obama is a professional fibber who is good at it (earmarks, Iraqi war, no new taxes). Monthly published audits are needed for stimulus monies spent.

Archie McPhee


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