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A little different

Have you ever noticed that as time goes on you start looking and feeling a little different? Your belly gets a little softer, your skin gets a little looser with a few more spots, you just don’t look like you used to.

I became very aware of this about a month ago when I ran into a relative at a family wedding. I was standing at the door with my wife and saying hi to everyone we hadn’t seen for a while.

Uncle Billy-Boy (no, that’s really not his name) turned to my wife and said, “Wow, Laura, you must be a good cook!”

Laura said, “What?” with a very questioning look on her face.

He said, “You must be a good cook, because every time I see Zac he just gets bigger and bigger!”

Now keep in mind I was standing there the whole time. I do have to admit I have gained a couple of pounds in the past 10 years but seriously, bigger and bigger? That’s funny!

The truth is we all change. Our bodies change, our interests change, our jobs change, even our attitudes change. We live in a crazy world that changes so quickly our bodies just can’t keep up. And apparently I am living proof of that.

But I am so glad that through all the changes we go through there is one thing that never, ever changes. And that is the Lord. He makes this great declaration in Malachi 3:6 when He says, “I am the Lord, and I do not change.”

That’s great news for us. That means that no matter what happens to this world God never gets old, He never stops loving us, He never stops providing, He never stops caring, and He never stops saving his people.

We change all the time and we will continue to do so until we die. But God is the one constant that we can always rely on. He alone stays just the way we found Him.


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