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Court to determine if Pimm is competent to stand trial

VISTA — On October 22, a judge ordered an examination to determine if a Fallbrook man who allegedly crashed a car through a gate at Oceanside police headquarters and screamed at officers to kill him is competent to face criminal proceedings.

Judge Robert Kearney scheduled the hearing for November 13, when a judge will decide if Bryan Everette Pimm understands the charges he faces and can assist in his defense.

Pimm, 30, is charged with assault and vandalism counts in connection with the October 7 rampage at the Mission Avenue police station.

Shortly before 2:30 a.m. that day, two officers were walking to their cars in a parking area outside the building when they saw Pimm behind the wheel of a white car in the lot, revving the engine, according to OPD Sgt. Kelan Poorman.

Moments later, the vehicle accelerated toward them, prompting one of the officers to draw his service gun before ducking behind a parked car to protect himself, the sergeant said.

Pimm’s vehicle then veered sharply to the left and smashed through a closed security gate at the entrance to a secure lot where the department’s marked vehicles are kept.

The car rolled to a stop and the driver allegedly got out and confronted the two off-duty officers and several others who had rushed out of the police station due to the commotion.

At that point, Pimm allegedly took up a “fighting stance” with his fists clenched and began shouting “Kill me!” at the officers and ranting about being the Antichrist, according to Poorman.

As the tirade continued, one of the officers flanking Pimm knocked him to the ground, after which the other police personnel jumped on top of him and took him into custody without further incident, the sergeant said.

“The officers showed great restraint in not using lethal force in a situation that could very easily have escalated to the point where lethal force was warranted,” Poorman said earlier.


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