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Rainbow Municipal District ratepayers

In the 10/22/09 Village News, RMWD announced that they had received a loan of approximately $6 million.

This loan was taken in spite of the fact that in an 8/25/09 special election (that cost us ratepayers $100,000), voters turned down the district’s request to modify our right to vote on debt.

Voters initiated Ordinance 95-1, which requires a public vote for debt. Big government has now infiltrated our small district. RMWD is telling us that they will do what they want, hire attorneys who will make sure they get what they want, namely the political spin.

RMWD board member Jack Griffiths says he has been ridiculed and generally made fun of for trying to hold operation costs low. Thank you, Jack, for your staying power.

RMWD directors Bob Lucy, Rua Petty, George McManigle and Gerald Walson may know the right course to follow, but in my opinion, do not seem to want to spend the time or effort to do the right thing.

The RMWD board members may want to say they are just ratepayers like us; this is the same as President Obama saying he is just a private citizen. The board has to take personal responsibility for their decisions.


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