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Rainbow Water is completely out of control

Rainbow spending! Rainbow has jumped on that bandwagon with its multimillion-dollar tarp loan to cover our reservoirs. They say it is mandated by government law!

Just a quick note: the loan is illegal; 95-1 ordinance so states that Prop. A in recent vote by the public states that Rainbow must go to the voter to acquire a loan in the millions.

Now the big question: why is it that Fallbrook Public Utilities District does not have to cover their reservoirs if there is such a government law? They are using an approved UV water treatment system at a fraction of the cost. Why is it that the UV system works for FPUD but not Rainbow?

RMWD has a full-time engineer on the payroll yet they go to outside engineering to solve everyday problems. They have not fixed the Morro Hills Reservoir.

Hello, we live in a semi-desert region. We must keep all water storage we have!

We the people need to take a more active position in watching where our money goes. We can’t afford to have Rainbow consistently making mistakes managing our water district then ending up in lawsuits defending their mistakes.

Our children and grandchildren are going to end up paying for all that is going on in this district. Wake up, people – take an interest in our country, especially in your own district.


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