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Voigts car-crazy about vintage Cadillac collection

Monty Voigt met his future wife, Joan, on a rainy Friday night in 1952 at the weekly YMCA dance, calling it “his best Friday night ever.” They married four years later.

After 53 years of marriage, Joan says she still thinks about that evening of “dancing in the rain.” The Voigts are both active members of the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club (FVCC).

Their passion for vintage cars began in their childhoods, while growing up in Chicago. Joan’s father was a Kaiser Frazer dealer and a superb body and engine man.

Monty drove his parents’ 1937 Pontiac two-door ‘six’ with ‘three on the floor’ like it was a dragster. Later his folks bought a new 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. He was in heaven with all that power!

Their first car after they were married was a 1953 Kaiser Manhattan.

In celebration of Monty’s graduation they bought a 1957 Thunderbird suffering from the ‘Chicago salted road syndrome,’ which began their passion of buying, fixing and selling old cars, such as a 1941 Packard, 1934 Lincoln KA and 1934 V-12 Packard Sport Coupe. You might say they went ‘car crazy.’

“I never knew what car I would be driving the next day!” Joan said.

Joan’s father taught Monty to weld, lead, fit and paint the precious historical icons of the golden age of the American car. They went on to continue their passion for muscle, sports and vintage automobiles.

In 1984, they focused their attention on the king of American luxury, the Cadillac. They now have four of these meticulously restored giants.

Their collection is comprised of a 1941 coupe, a 1942 limousine, a 1957 four-door and a pristine 1947 convertible. The ’57 had to go to make room for the ’47 convertible.

A 1947 Cadillac Derham Custom Limousine surfaced and the Voigts had to have it! It is the most unique of their collection of Caddys.

Only 1,005 ’47 model 7533s were built. It’s one of only 50 built with a three-speed transmission and is the only known survivor of Philadelphia Derham Coach Works.

Derham customized the car for William S. Paly, who founded CBS in 1928. Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, and many Hollywood notables, rode in this car.

The exterior was restored by the previous owner. The interior is original, with the exception of the front cushions.

After buying the Derham in 1993, Monty carefully rebuilt the mechanical and electrical components. They kept their collection at four by parting with their 1942 Cadillac limousine.

The Derham is a show-quality driver the Voigts show at the annual FVCC car show. It has also supported many Fallbrook special events, including the Fallbrook Fantasy Weddings.

Cadillac began life in 1901 as the Henry Ford Company. After nudging Henry Ford out, the investors renamed it Cadillac Motor Company in 1902. The new Ford Motor Company was launched by Henry Ford in 1903.

The FVCC is always open to guests and new members. To receive more information, send an e-mail to [email protected].

Meetings are held at the Fallbrook Woman’s Club, 238 West Mission Road, on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.


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